Will Cockatiels Sit on Infertile Eggs?

Will Cockatiels Sit on Infertile Eggs?

It’s always a little heartbreaking when you see that your cockatiel has laid an egg and you know it won’t hatch. Not because of anything you or she did wrong, But it simply wasn’t fertilized. This is a very common situation. There are a variety of reasons why this might happen, but the main one is the lack of a male to do the fertilizing.

When it’s just that time, and she’s in her zone, she’s going to lay no matter what. It’s doubly painful to see her try and sit on the eggs attempting to incubate them. This brings us to the question, Will cockatiels sit on infertile eggs?

Will cockatiels sit on infertile eggs?

Cockatiels will lay eggs whether they are fertile or not. It is a biological urge that can’t be controlled, and it doesn’t matter if they’re infertile. This also means that yes, she will sit and try to incubate them.

Eventually, she will realize these eggs will never hatch and may toss them out of the nest. This process usually takes around 3 weeks and mostly occurs naturally.

If after 3 weeks and she hasn’t abandoned the eggs, Should you remove them yourself?

The answer is yes, after 3 weeks and if she hasn’t yet abandoned them, It’s time to remove them. I should clarify, 3 weeks is just her own natural biological function to abandon dead eggs – This doesn’t mean you should always wait the full 3 weeks to take action and remove them yourself.

In fact, It’s better for you and the bird to remove them sooner rather than later. Otherwise, She may become broody, which will disrupt her natural cycle and really put a damper on the quality of life for your pet cockatiel.

She may become aggressive, and protective of her eggs, which will never hatch. This causes her to expend more energy on her dead eggs than it would be spent taking care of herself, such as grooming and eating.

Overall, This also causes a much larger headache for you and her when it does come time to make the call to remove the eggs. She won’t like that if you’ve waited too long.

TL;DR Remove the eggs as soon as possible if you know they are infertile. It’s better to replace them with something similar-sized, such as fake wooden eggs or some sort of plastic bead. You can buy these are your local arts and crafts stores or bird stores.

After a few days, those should also be removed to avoid brooding.

Some related questions

My cockatiel laid an egg without a mate will it hatch?

No, these infertile eggs will not hatch.

What do you do with an infertile cockatiel egg?

Once it’s out of the nest, dispose of it as you see fit. Tossing it in the trash is usually the easiest option, or you could feed it to your other animals that eat eggs, such as lizards, turtles, snakes, or other reptiles.

Just be sure the egg hasn’t gone rancid/rotten, and that the reptile your feeding it to is able and can safely ingest raw eggs.

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