Will Cockatiels Mate Without a Box?

Will Cockatiels Mate Without a Box?

Cockatiels are beautiful, sweet-natured birds that will thrive in most homes. However, there is one question that many new cockatiel owners have: will my cockatiel mate without a box? The answer to this question is yes – these birds will mate even if they do not have a box, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

This can become an issue for a couple of reasons. The absence of a box may cause her to retain her eggs for longer than she should while she tries to find an appropriate spot to lay them. This could lead to egg binding. This means that you may not be able to get her eggs out as quickly and she will need more care afterward in order to heal from the process. The hen could also be affected by egg yolk peritonitis and other various egg-related issues.

The other issue is she will start laying them in inappropriate places which could be detrimental to the egg, and the bird’s health.

If you don’t intend on having a box for whatever reason, you can control this by exerting hormone control procedures for your bird. The entire process of hormone control is far out of the scope of this article. We found a really good guide you can use here instead.

If you do have the box, it will make things easier for your bird and you. However, it’s understandable not everyone desires to breed their birds for various reasons. In that case, hormone control is definitely recomended for your bird.

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