Why Does My Parakeet Puff Up

Why Does My Parakeet Puff Up?

So Why do parakeets puff up? There are several reasons why parakeets fluff up like this.

Puffing up has multiple causes, in order to trap air under the feathers to stay warm. Because they are angry, because they’re tired, or because they are simply excited to see you. If your parakeet is always puffed up, be sure to schedule an appointment with your vet as he may also be ill.

In this article, you will learn about

  • The various reasons a parakeet will puff up
  • What to do about it
  • When you should be concerned

Parakeets puff up to stay warm

The most common cause for fluffing up in a parakeet is to generate warmth. Parakeets are usually found in tropical climates. In order to generate warmth, they puff up so that the trapped air can help them keep a stable body temperature.

They will also do this when it is cold outside, as the extra layer of feathers acts as thermal insulation. The excess air also helps to keep them dry and warm and will trap the heat within.

Parakeets puff up because of anger and fear

Another common reason why your parakeet puffed up is anger and fear.

When a parakeet is frightened or feels threatened, they will puff up so that they look bigger than what they really are. The bird’s natural instinct is to make himself look larger in order to ward off predators.

You might be thinking “Why is my parakeet mad at me?!”

Each parakeet has a unique personality, some will try to test your limits so give them time to adjust.

Consider this, It might not be mad at you. Another reason why parakeets puff up is if they are feeling threatened by another bird in the cage. Even with some aggressive birds, you should be able to tell if there is bullying going on based on many factors such as obvious signs of stress, Puffing up, missing feathers, wings outstretched, etc.

So if you have other birds in with your parakeet it’s something that’s worth investigating.

Parakeets sometimes puff up when they are tired

Puffing up is also caused by tiredness. If your parakeet puffs up after you come home from work it’s likely because he was waiting for you and now that you are there, he just wants to relax with a fluffed-out chest and quiet down! It’s a natural behavior that we see in lots of different species. It is kind of cute, isn’t it?

Parakeets puff up when they are excited to see you

Another reason why parakeets puff up is that they are simply looking forward to seeing you or another family member. They puff up as an expression of excitement!

This is also very cute behavior, and you should instantly be able to tell the difference from the other reasons by the way she jumps into your arms if allowed to leave her cage.

If a parakeet is not feeling well it will puff up

The final reason why your parakeet might puff up is if they are not well. It could be a sign of illness. Be sure to check their droppings daily and watch for other symptoms such as changes in behavior, appetite, loss of feathers, or calmness.

Make sure that you get an actual diagnosis from a veterinary practitioner before you make drastic changes to your parakeet’s diet or environment.

Why Is My Parakeet Always Puffy?

If your parakeet is always fluffed/puffed up, then it could be a sign of underlying health issues, And you should have her checked at a vet.

It could also be a sign your house is simply too cold and you should consider installing a cage heater with the parakeet so she can warm up and be more comfortable. This is very important if your parakeet is too cold.

Bottom line, What should you do about the puffing?

If it goes away after a few minutes or a couple of hours it’s probably fine. Investigate the cause and take action as needed. If it lasts for a longer period of time, consider taking her to the vet to get checked out for illness and other causes.

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