Why Does My Budgie Do That? Let's find out!

Why Does My Budgie Do That? Let’s find out!

Budgies do a lot of weird things.

Budgies are kind of weird themselves, so it’s not really a shock.

Quite a few common questions come up, though, So let’s answer ’em.

Why Is My Budgie Shaking

Budgies shake for a variety of reasons, such as illness, stress, and temperature. It’s easy to peg down the cause of the shaking. If it happened after a loud noise startled her, it could be stress. Check the temperature, is it cold? If you think it may be an illness, bring her to the vet immediately.

Otherwise, it’s likely just a normal response to normal stimuli. If it last’s any length of time you deem stranger than normal, It’s definitely advisable to see your bird’s avian veterinarian to be on the safe side.

Why Is My Budgie Screeching

One of the most common reasons for screeching in budgies is under-stimulation. Budgies need to be occupied with lots of toys and attention.

A well-loved bird is a quiet bird as they say.

Another reason for screeching could be overstimulation. If you have another bird to blame, consider placing your bird in a separate room when you’re away from home.

Budgies are finicky about crowding and noise level in general. A little bit of crowding is usually ok, but she might just be a bit overwhelmed with the situation.

And more often than not, Your budgie is just trying to get your attention so you will come to play with her and give her tons of love. If you do that I almost guarantee the screeching will stop!

Why Does My Budgie Bite Me

Budgies are tiny, fragile creatures. If you’ve got your hands in her cage and she knocks them around a bit with her beak, it’s not necessarily an attack.

A budgie will bite for all kinds of reasons, including playful rough-housing, to preen you (she thinks your hair are feathers), and for attention.

Like many other mammals, she will also bite out of fear. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be you that she’s scared of. If a loud noise or something else startled her while she was next to you could be enough for her to lash out and bite.

And of course, Protection of her young and her eggs. Birds get super protective and aggressive during this fragile time. It’s always best to keep your distance.

Why Is My Budgie Panting

Budgies pant for the same reasons we and other mammals do. If it’s too hot, fear, overstimulation, and exercise. It’s especially important to diagnose the cause of your bird’s panting as overheating and heatstroke can kill your bird. Overweight birds are especially prone to these issues.

If you think your bird is overheating, consider allowing her to have a bit of fun in a cool shower or birdbath.

Turn off any heater if one is turned on, and add a fan or turn on the air conditioner (make sure not to make it too cold though!)

Why Does My Budgie Stand On One Leg

It’s not an uncommon thing to see a budgie stand on one leg. This is for a variety of reasons, such as resting, turning, and sometimes they will sleep while standing on one leg.

If your budgie is standing on one leg and is also puffed up, it could be a sign she is cold and you should consider turning up the heat a bit.

Why Does My Bird Close His Eyes When I Talk to Him

Well well, we got a regular James Earl Jones over here. When a bird closes his eyes when you are speaking, it just means she loves you and is calmed by the sound of your voice. This indicates full trust and safety with you. The same can be said if he closes his eyes when you pet and hold him.

Why Is My Budgie Making Squeaky Noises

After a while, you should know the normal sounds your budgie makes on a regular basis. If the squeaking is new, Consider bringing her to the vet for a check-up as it could indicate a respiratory infection or something is lodged in her throat. Another sign of this is tail bobbing.

If it’s a normal sound you hear from her all the time, with no sign of labored breathing, it’s most likely just a happy squeak and part of her large vocabulary of lovely bird sounds.

Why Do Budgies Eat Their Poop

Eating their own poop is a sign of vitamin deficiency and is easily remedied by giving a larger variety of foods. It’s important that when you see this happen, you change her diet to something more well-rounded and appropriate immediately. Birds can’t survive on seed alone.

Why Does My Budgie Keep Opening Its Mouth

A budgie opens its mouth is pretty normal to see after she’s just gotten through preening herself. This is because something like a feather may be stuck in her mouth. Feel free to help her dislodge if she can’t seem to do it on her own.

if she’s gasping for air, bobbing her tail, it could indicate she’s choking.

It’s also possible her throat is just dry and soar, Birds do get sick from time to time.

When in doubt, visit your vet!

Why Does My Budgie Sit In His Food Dish

You may notice that your bird will sit in his food dish when it’s empty. This is because the bowl acts as a non-threatening object, and acts as a barrier between your budgie and the rest of the world.

It can also be seen as aggressive behavior to other birds, so if you see this happen often with another bird, separate them.

It could also indicate he’s just hungry and wants you to feed him. If his food dish is just in an excellent spot in the cage, she also might just be chillin’. Birds do like to chill sometimes!

Why Does My Budgie Throw His Seed Out

Budgies are picky eaters and will toss out what they do not like to reach the stuff they do like. If this is a problem you face often, consider changing foods or giving her a more varied diet of fresh vegetables and fruits alongside her usual diet.

Why Does My Budgie Rub His Head on the Perch

The same reason bears rub against trees in spring, when a budgie rubs his head on the porch it’s a sign she’s molting and is trying to loosen up the feathers that are getting ready to fall out. It’s also a nice way to scratch an itch.

A bear probably isn’t the best metaphor since bears don’t molt and they don’t have feathers, But they do shed and it’s basically the same thing right?

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