Why are Quaker Parrots Illegal

Why are Quaker Parrots Illegal?

The Quaker Parrot is a beautiful bird, but why are they illegal in so many states? This article will explore why the quaker parrot is illegal to own in several states and which states have those laws in place.

Why are quaker parrots illegal?

The Quaker parrot is illegal in at least 14 states as of 2021. The main reason is due to agricultural damages, noise, and damage done to native species of birds.

What states are quaker parrots illegal?

As of writing this, the current states that have barred ownership, importation, breeding, etc of quaker parrots are:

  • Maine
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Wyoming
  • Rhode Island
  • Kentucky
  • Hawaii
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • California

Not every state on this list has the same laws regarding quaker parrot ownership. Some states will allow you to own them with clipped wings, Or licenses And some are straight-up illegal no matter what. You will need to check your local laws and ordinances in your own state, or in a state listed above for more details as to what your options are.

As an argicultural mennace

It might seem silly to outlaw a single bird species, but there is a valid reason for doing so. Many people are not responsible owners and can easily cause havoc by letting these birds go into the wild.

Quaker parrots breed very rapidly. They have up to 12 eggs per clutch and can have 6 clutches per year. So 1 breeding pair can have up to 72 babies, who in turn, can each have 72 babies for 5184 birds. That’s a lot in just 2 years.

With no real natural predators, they are a tremendous issue for agriculture. In South America alone, the quaker parrot is responsible for the loss of a whopping 15 to 45 percent of crops.

As social birds, they stick in flocks and descend like locusts eating fruits, berries, corn, peaches, apples, grapes, pears, and anything else that might tickle their fancy.

So as you can see, they can do tremendous amounts of damage to the agricultural centers.

But that’s not all.

Threat to native wildlife

Because of the rapidness of their breeding and the sheer number of birds that can come from it, They out-compete all other native wildlife bird species (and some none bird species) completely. They can cause huge natural food shortages for other species and cause them to die off rapidly.

Because of their dominance and aggression, they will also attack other species of birds, especially if they are much smaller than the quaker.

So one of the big reasons its illegal to have a quaker parrot is because they are so aggressive to other birds that it can lead to them being driven out of their natural habitat or destroyed outright, leading to a decline in local bird populations.

Quakers also destroy the nests and eggs of all other bird species, which leads again to breeding cycles for those birds coming under attack by Quakers stopping abruptly or even slowing down. This means many local bird species could be driven to extinction.

This is why it’s illegal in most states to own a Quaker parrot – because they are so destructive that it can really devastate local wild populations of birds.

They cause buildings, poles, and trees to collapse

Because quaker parrots are so social and live in large groups, They all nest in the same areas. These communities can become so heavy that they cause buildings, poles, and trees to collapse. This can also cause damage to other important infrastructure if not taken care of quickly.

This leads to the need for repairs which can be expensive; in some cases, it could even cost more than the building is worth.

Also, a large group of quaker parrots nesting near a home or business will not only make noise but create an unpleasant odor that many find intolerable. They are so loud, just 10-15 birds can be heard up to 5 blocks away! Who wants that?

If you’ve ever lived in a state with a quaker parrot problem, And your powers have gone out, You can almost guarantee it was because of these birds. In Florida alone, 1000’s of power outages each year can be attributed to quaker parrots.

So not only do the states need to flip the bill for these repairs but also on nest removal and preventative measures.

And last, and probably least compared to the rest…

They are dirty

Poop, damage, and nest aside, These birds carry an amazing array of diseases and illnesses that are humanly transferable.

Over 200 cases of psittacosis alone are reported each year, which needs to be treated with antibiotics. Although not fatal, It is very unpleasant and can cause more virulent strains of various illnesses due to the use of antibiotics which can breed super strains which are immune.

Humans aside, there are several bird to bird transmittable diseases which can kill entire flocks of native birds.

So, why are quaker parrots illegal? Because they are, in every way, devastating to our ecosystem, our industrial system, and our food supply.

It’s such a shame too, They sure are beautiful birds.

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