What Vegetables Can African Greys Eat?

What Vegetables Can African Greys Eat? -List

What vegetables can African greys eat? This is a question many people ask. There’s actually a huge list of vegetables that your African grey parrot can eat. This list includes all the basics, like carrots and cucumbers, but also includes some more exotic options as well you might not have thought of. We hope you find this list useful. You can also view this safe parrot food list for additional diet information.

What vegetables can African greys eat?

  • watercress  
  • pumpkin  
  • asparagus  
  • yams 
  • carrots  
  • turnip greens  
  • kale  
  • peas  
  • winter squash
  • sweet potato  
  • green beans  
  • potatoes(starchy feed in moderation, never give potatoes skins)
  • zucchini
  • corn (starchy feed in moderation)
  • radishes  
  • brussels sprouts
  • eggplant  
  • chard  
  • green peppers  
  • okra  
  • cabbage  
  • red peppers  
  • broccoli  
  • cucumbers  
  • spinach  
  • cauliflower  
  • rutabaga  
  • collard greens 

What can African greys not eat?

  • Avocados (Skin will give them a heart attack. There’s some argument on amounts but really it’s a better safe than sorry situation)
  • Apple Seeds
  • Onions
  • Alcohol (you wouldn’t think I have to mention this one, but actually it’s kind of common. It’s not that usually, people are going around giving their birds alchol. But sometimes they leave their bird free roam and it gets into leftover cocktails etc. Moral of the story: don’t leave your bird unsupervised with alcohol.
  • Mushrooms (These will give your African grey indigestion and other upset stomach issues. In the worst case, it can damage liver functioning)
  • Dairy (Birds are lactose intolerant)
  • Dried Beans (Beans should be cooked before giving them to your animals, especially birds). The toxin hemaglutin will need to be boiled out before it’s safe to consume.
  • Tomato Leaves (Contains Nightshade, a deadly poison)
  • Choate
  • Raw Eggs
  • Raw meat

Of course, You also should avoid giving them seeds. Seeds are good, But they should be a small part of their diet. They lack any true nutritional content but manage to have way more fat than your bird will ever require.

Unfortunately, some people think seeds are the only things birds need to eat. This is really bad. If your parrot is eating mostly seeds, they are not getting the nutrients and protein it needs and maybe packing on the fat. In this case, slowly wean them off the seeds and replace them with pellets and fresh fruit and vegetables. You can view the vegi list above and the fruit link here.

A sudden change in diet is very very stressful for birds, So it’s important that you wean them off a bad diet, and slowly replace it with a good diet. You will see the results of a happier healthier bird almost immediately.

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