What Size Cage Do I Need for a Parrotlet?

What Size Cage Do I Need for a Parrotlet?

Parrotlets are territorial birds that need a lot of space to fly and play. So, what size cage do you need for a parrotlet? The answer depends on how big your bird is and how many you intend on adding to the cage. There is no such thing as too large of a cage, but there’s definitely such thing as too small. Most commercial cages are too small. They don’t provide enough room for the bird to stretch its wings or fly around comfortably.

What Size Cage Do I Need for a Parrotlet?

Parrotlets are such small, beautiful birds. In fact, they are the smallest species of parrot in the world.

With a size range of only 12-14 inches, they have short tails and strong feet with sharp claws. Just because they are small though doesn’t mean they need a small space!

They are known to be territorial birds that need lots of room for flying and playing which can create problems if they’re living in too small of an enclosure like many pet stores offer them.

So, now to the question, What size cage do you need for a parrotlet? You need, at the bare minimum, 40″ (1.0 m) wide x 20″ (0.5 m) high x 20″ (0.5 m) deep. This is a fairly small cage, and you will absolutely need to take your parrotlet out multiple times a day so she can get her exercise.

I’ve owned a parrotlet, And I can tell you right now that just because the Agriculture ministry of Germany says this is the minimum size, It’s simply too small from my own experience.

When I say there’s no such thing as too big, I wasn’t just saying that. You should always go above the “minimum” requirements as they are always far too restrictive.

Your cage should be at least twice or even 3x the size of this “minimum”!

The sizing of the cage matters too! It should be longer sideways than verticle – from front to back.

Birds aren’t helicopters, They fly side to side.

I find that a lot of the cages for sale in pet stores are too small, I’m not sure what their reasoning is, But they definitely don’t seem to be an expert. An expert in shaving pennies anyway.

Homemade cages are always far superior and cheaper, so consider that route first before you begin shopping around for a perfect cage. If you aren’t interested in that, I have some examples here for you to look at.

VIVOHOME 41.5 Inch Stackable Divided Breeding Iron Bird Cage Parakeet House with Rolling Stand for Canaries Cockatiels Lovebirds Finches Budgies Small Parrots
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Our bird cage is made of the highest-quality metal frame which has been tested by high temperature to ensure the durability; Designed by exquisitely non toxic white spray paint, it is not easy to be shed or rust, not only ensures the beauty but also a healthy and safe living environment for birds; The 4 casters on the bottom allow you to move the cage as you wish, saving your strength and time
  • PARTITIONED BREEDING CAGE - Breed a variety of birds to increase the funny atmosphere; You can also create different styles of birdcage according to your preferences and decorate the inner space of the cage
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN - With the design of the considerate universal wheels, you can put the cage where you want and it will not run to anywhere; The unique latch design is firm and safe, which can prevent the bird from opening the door themselves and ensure the protection; Each box has its own little door, which opens outwards for feeding conveniently; The perch is designed to fit the size of a bird's feet; Breeding boxes can be hung on either side of the cage
  • EASY TO CLEAN - With the intimate design, the trays are in a drawer style, being easy to clean; The upper cage with isolation bottom net can separate birds from excrement and keep them healthy; White spray paint material is easy to wipe, which is helpful to the cleaning of the shelf appearance
  • A WIDE RANGE OF ACCESSORIES - In addition to high quality steel frame cages, we also provide you with 2 plastic white food boxes, 2 wooden perches and a tray in each cage; Different food boxes can feed different nutritious food to birds, which is conducive to the better reproduction and growth of diverse birds

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PawHut 65" Double Rolling Metal Bird Cage Feeder with Detachable Rolling Stand, Storage Shelf, Wood Perch & Food Container
  • ROOMY BIRD HOUSE: This bird cage inside contains multi wooden perches and multi plastic food containers inside, meaning your feathered friend can have fun inside his home.
  • CONVENIENT ACCESS: With large front doors, multiple sliding food doors and side doors, you'l be able to easily access your bird'food, water, and the inside area. The bottom shelves of this bird feeder cage can be used to place some pet supplies.
  • STURDY AND DETACHABLE: Made of high-quality metal, steel wire, and durable plastic construction, this bird stand kit will provide years of use and enjoyment. The main body is detachable for easy transport.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The front slide-out tray on the bottom of this bird play stand is designed to catch birdseed and is easy to slide out for cleaning, make your bird'home clean all the time.
  • PORTABLE ROLLING STAND: Effortlessly move this rolling bird cage from one spot to the next. The universal wheels are quiet and make moving your feathered friend quick and secure.

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With removable dividers, these are the most acceptable cages available on amazon that aren’t still too pricy.

It’s pretty unlikely, but you should take a look at your local bird store to see if they have anything larger. As I said though, it’s pretty unlikely as most commercial shops only wish to make money.

If you’re feeling extra generous, consider making your own. If not, there are a few options available on amazon that are a bit more expensive. Here’s one of the better ones, And although it’s shown as an outdoor cage, You could easily modify it for indoor use if you’ve got the space.

Wonline Iron Birdcages Large Walk in Bird Cage Parakeet Parrot Cockatiel Macaw Finch Lovebird Aviary Heavy Duty Pet House
  • Big Aviary - This white large bird cage with plenty room to move around is needed for your birds. A perfect home for multiple parakeets, parrots, macaws, cockatoos, canaries, finches and so on.
  • Good Quality - Durable iron frame construction features excellent shock, rust, corrosion, tarnish resistance, which prolongs the service lifetime of the cage. Please do not expose the birdcage directly to rain. Otherwise it will rust easily. When it rains, please put on a birdcage cover or move indoors.
  • Double Doors Cage - Feeder doors for providing food water to birds easily & Access doors for reaching in to clean cage.
  • Security - Welded stainless steel coated with a non-toxic powdered finish avoids birds' chewing & Suitable bar space prevents the risk of bird’s escaping.
  • Need to Assemble - The cage comes with three separate packages. Overall Size: 86.5”L x 60.5”W x 80.39”H;Door size: 59.8"H X 24.8"W

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