how much does a parakeet cost

How Much Does a Parakeet Cost?

Owning a bird can be affordable, but it takes some consideration. One thing to take into account is your budget. A small parakeet may seem like the inexpensive option when you compare them with other pets, but there are many expenses besides just buying one or two birds for your family of four– including food and toys that need replacing on occasion as well as cleaning supplies to keep their cages sparkling new!

A parakeet is a small, colorful bird that can be found in the wild as well as at pet stores. They are usually sold for less than $10 and come with their own cage. Parakeets are great pets because they don’t require a lot of space or care. The best part about parakeets is that you can teach them to talk!

If you are thinking about getting a pet, but aren’t sure which one to get, a parakeet might be the best option for you. Parakeets are very popular pets and come in many different colors and sizes. In this blog post, we will discuss how much a parakeet costs so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your new pet!

What Are Parakeets Like?

Parakeets have been around for centuries, and they are one of the best pets you can own. They’ll require little to no work from your end because these birds prefer a diet made up primarily of seeds than anything else. Furthermore, their prices will stay low so that anyone with some spare cash in hand could adopt them as well!

Parakeets have long become popular amongst pet owners over the years due in large part to how easy it is to take care of them – seed-based diets aren’t difficult or expensive at all when compared against other types like carbs which would also be more costly both financially and time wise. 

Parakeets are small, colorful birds that come with their own cage and usually cost less than $20! Parakeets make great pets because they don’t require a lot of space or care. The best part about parakeets is that you can teach them to talk! 

A common misconception is that all bird species eat bugs. This isn’t true; only some bird species do this (particularly in the wild). Parakeets eat seeds, fruit, and fresh vegetables. Some parrots feed on grain crops such as corn or other grains stored in silos to provide food for livestock.

How Much Do They Cost?

In the wild, they are usually found near water and prefer tall trees with lots of foliage or shrubs for nesting sites. In captivity, however, their diet is restricted because shop-bought seed mix contains too many additives which lead to obesity and related health problems (such as heart disease). 

The majority of owners feed them only fruit and vegetables such as apples, green beans, carrots etc., supplemented by manufactured pellets that recreate the natural diet. As long as fresh food is provided regularly without being overly repetitive then no dietary deficiencies should be encountered.

Parakeets are a great pet to have. They come in all sorts of colors and they’re not too loud, so you can keep them next to your bed on the nightstand without waking up from their chirps. Most parakeet owners only invest in one bird but if you want something more interactive then consider getting two or three! 

Parrots cost between $40-$70 which is an easy price range for most people looking for new pets at home- though it will depend on where you buy them from because some stores may charge higher prices than others depending on how many birds they sell each day.

One-Time Parakeet Supplies You Need

A pet is a responsibility, and it’s important to note that not all pets are created equal. Different breeds of dogs have different needs for their food, water consumption rates, exercise requirements–so on and so forth. But what about the things you’ll need as an owner? If this will be your first time getting a bird or reptile then you should know. 

In addition to many other supplies like toys and bedding material; they also require cages! The type of cage depends largely upon where the animal lives- if it stays indoors at night only you can get away with something smaller than say if they live outside during daylight hours too (in which case I recommend one without any gaps).


Parakeets are the most popular pet birds these days, but there’s been a lot of debate as to which cages they should live in. The size is what matters most when it comes to picking out your perfect parakeet cage!

It used to be that people would travel all over just for their next best friend: an owl or falcon perched on one arm and two rabbits draped across their shoulders. Nowadays, you can’t get away from those little green guys called “parrots” who fly around screeching nonstop like someone switched off the mute button by accident–luckily enough though, we’ve got some tips about how not getting annoyed with them flies straight back into your good graces again!

Parakeets are known for their curiosity so if you’re considering getting a cage just make sure it’s big enough to keep your bird happy! The right size should be 18×18 inches, both long and tall. And the bars mustn’t have any gaps more than half an inch wide or that might lead to injury in captivity.

It’s hard to imagine living in a 14x17x16-in cage, but for animals that live on factory farms this is their reality. They often can’t even move around or stretch out because the cages are too small and barely provide enough room to stand up straight. If you’re thinking of getting your very own pet rabbit then make sure they have more than just an 8-square foot space!

Cage Accessories

You may think that a perch is just something you put on the side of your cage to make it more comfortable, but they are actually crucial for parakeets. If the perch doesn’t fit their feet properly then they might fall off and hurt themselves so be sure to get one with an appropriate size!

You might be surprised at what a good home for your pet bird can cost. A perch, which is just the beginning of getting settled in with all you need to care for it will run about $8-15 and more! Some cages come with toys already included but if not you’ll have to buy them separately too.

Birds need to eat and drink if they want to live. Automatic feeders are a great way for people with busy schedules, like you, the person reading this sentence right now – assuming it’s not read by somebody who doesn’t have an active lifestyle at all – to make sure that their birds get fed without any hassle or extra thought on your part!

The prices of these items range from $7-$17 depending what type of automatic budgie feeder someone is looking for but there may be cheaper options available too.

One thing people often forget when setting up their bird’s new home is providing them with what we call “perches.” Perches not only provide support, especially if there aren’t any other surfaces in place like branches or bowls; but also help birds grip onto things better by taking pressure off from its feet where most feathers have been lost due to molting. 

Recurring Expenditures

Budgies need to be fed. You have to get the right kind of food for them, like seeds and pellets. These can’t just magically appear out of thin air! They also need water every day too so that they don’t die from dehydration or become very sickly in general due to a lack thereof.

How much do budgies cost? Budgies are not capable of living off air alone; you’ll have to spend money on supplies at least once every couple weeks (or even more often). 


Parakeets are among the cheapest pets when it comes to food expenses. For example, a 4-pound bag of parakeet food can set you back around $12 and a 10 pound one will only be about twenty bucks! However, if you buy more expensive brands or those with specific ingredients such as nuts that cost an arm and leg for just two pounds then your prices may skyrocket into hundreds of dollars per month depending on how much petting time they get every day.


Do you know how much it costs to buy a parakeet? Not too expensive, actually. The most common way of feeding your new feathered friend is by purchasing sticks that have either corn kernels or spray millet on them and they come in different flavors as well! A pack of 5 will only cost $10 so grab some today for less than the price of lunch!


Budgie toys are inexpensive, to the point where they’re mostly sold in sets that contain a variety of them. For example, you could spend around $17 on a generous set containing hammocks and swings as well as a range of other such toys. 

What’s important to note in this case is that for your safety it would be best if these were made by trusted manufacturers or sellers with high standards when acquiring wood blocks choosing wooden ones from non-toxic paint brands like Melissa & Doug will ensure an enjoyable toy experience without any risk!

Veterinary Care

The cost of a regular check-up for your pet bird doesn’t amount to much, typically costing around $30 – $40. However, if you have an avian disease diagnosed in the form of 

parakeet sickness or more complicated issues like surgery that require expensive treatments and care then be prepared for expenses up towards over a thousand dollars.

Cost Estimations

Startup Cost

The cost of a budgie setup will vary depending on how much is needed for the new bird’s comfort and happiness. The average price ranges from $220-$300, but you can invest in more expensive items or cheaper ones to try out different combinations that fit your preferences best!

Monthly Cost

Budgies are some of the cheapest birds out there, and with an average monthly budget of only $50-$75 on food, treats, and toys you won’t break your bank or go hungry. Budgie owners know that when it comes to living space they will be able to fit a budgie in any size room without much trouble at all. Budgies also make great pets for kids because their needs get met through playing games like “hide-and-go seek” which inevitably includes hiding them inside another box!

First-Year Cost 

If you’re considering buying a parakeet, be prepared to spend at least $900 in the first year. Your initial expenses (along with their price) will likely cost around 900 dollars over your first 12 months as a pet owner if you decide to buy a budgie of your own.

Annual Cost

The only thing you need to purchase for your pet in the long-term is food. The cost of this will vary depending on how much they eat, but it’s fair to estimate that a year’s worth would set you back about $500-$600 per adult cat and less than half as much for kittens.

Total Lifetime Cost

You may not know it, but you get a lot of bang for your buck with these little birds. The average lifespan is around 20 years and that means plenty of time to spend on the flight pattern before they pass!

The cost can be complicated because parakeets live such long lives; somewhere between 10-20 years depending on the care provided. So how much would one expect to pay? About $4k-$10K each when taking into account all costs like food, shelter, health care etc.which might sound steep at first glance considering their size (small), but think about what kind of money this would leave in retirement savings over those two decades or so!

How Many Parakeets Should You Buy?

Do you want a pet bird that’s great at making friends? Parakeet birds are the perfect choice for those looking to adopt some feathered friend. These little buddies love being social and will be happiest in pairs of two or more! We recommend buying as many parakeets as possible so your new buddy has someone to talk with all day long.

It is important to find the perfect match for your new pets. If you get two males, they will fight constantly and be less likely to bond with their owners in comparison to a pair of females who may even become best friends; so it would be wise not only to choose gender but also try out different breeders before deciding on which one has the most attractive or healthy birds.

These tiny little birds come with a lot of work! They need to be fed every day and they have to regularly get their nails trimmed. If you are thinking about getting more than two parakeets, it would not just involve buying an extra cage or some new toys- prepare for vet bills that will cost even more money on top of the food bill which can already add up quickly if your pets become finicky eaters like mine do.

It’s important to stay safe when handling your bird. If a vet has not instructed you properly, don’t try doing this task on your own or else there’s the risk of hurting parakeets and causing hemorrhages due to lack of experience with these fragile birds. From $40-50 for professional trimming at most pet stores out there today

Do not try tending to this task without proper instruction from a veterinarian as it may result in injuring our precious little friend who is already vulnerable because they have limited blood circulation within their bodies! Trimming nails can be done by professionals so it costs less than $15 per session which also includes safety gloves while working around sharp objects like scissor blades.

Where to Buy Parakeets?

Parakeets are one of the most popular pet birds in America and they’re also great for kids, but if you want to get a healthy bird there is some research that needs to be done. The first thing any buyer should do is go online on sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace because many breeders put their parrots up for sale here. You can find reputable sources who have been reviewed by other parents with parrot pets before making your purchase, which we highly recommend doing.

One big dilemma when buying a new furry friend? Deciding where exactly you’re going to buy them from! There’s places all over town either an actual breeder or at a store-based pet shop (or even just off campus). 


Parakeets are a wonderful addition to any household. They’re fun, colorful and always cheerful! But they can be quite expensive if you don’t do your research before buying one from the pet store. We hope that this blog post has been helpful in giving you an overview of these intelligent birds- both their price range and some of the ways they make great pets. If you have any questions or want more information on how parakeets might fit into your family’s life, please contact us at PetSmart today!

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