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The Price of Cockatiels: What You Need to Know

Cockatiels are popular pet birds. They make wonderful companions for people who want to have an animal that is easy to take care of and isn’t too expensive. However, there is one price you need to know about before deciding on a cockatiel as your new friend – the cost of food! Cockatiel owners spend money every month feeding their birds nutritious food, which can end up being costly over time. In this post, we will talk about how much it costs to feed a cockatiel and what foods they should eat in order to stay healthy and happy!

What is a Cockatiel?

Cockatiels are a small parrot that lives in Australia and New Guinea. They have brown feathers with white patches on their cheeks, which resemble the rosettes found in wild cockatoos. Cockatiels also receive other names such as weetee ute (Australian Aboriginal language), galah, or kakarrata (in Indonesian). 

There is no gender difference between male and female cockatiel birds. Another thing to note about these animals is that they are not bred for talking like many large parrots but instead emit whistles and soft screeches when happy! The word “cockatoo” comes from an aboriginal term meaning “large woodpecker”.

The bird’s average lifespan ranges anywhere from 15 years to 20 years with some living up to 25 years. Cockatiels can be found in many colors and variations, including albino, cinnamon pearl, and lutino. Most males are grey or white while females tend to have brown-grey feathers on their chests and upper backs with lighter-colored patches on their cheeks! 

Cockatiels should be fed a variety of high-quality birdseed mix that is appropriate for the species’ age as well as fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas, cucumbers, etc., 

The Price of Cockatiels

Cockatiels are inexpensive compared to other bird species. There is no denying that these animals will cost you some money in the long run, but they aren’t as expensive as a parrot or canary! They usually sell for around $150-$200 – much cheaper than an African Grey ($1500) or Macaw ($4000)! However, food costs may end up being one of your bigger expenses when choosing this pet animal because cockatiels need to eat every day and their diet isn’t cheap.

Why are they so expensive?

The price of cockatiel food is high because these birds need a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Cockatiels are not picky eaters which means they will consume nearly any type of fruit or vegetable, but this does come at a cost! 

Fresh produce can be quite expensive depending on the season so it’s important to factor in your bird’s mealtimes when budgeting for their care. The same goes for commercial seed mixes – you might have to spend more than usual unless you make your own homemade mix with affordable ingredients like oats, millet seeds and other grains!

In order to know how much money you’ll end up spending every month feeding your new pet animal, we recommend calculating an estimate based on what foods you are giving them. 

How to Care for a Cockatiel

Cockatiels are typically easy to care for because their diet is more involved than budgie’s but not as difficult as a canary or finch. Cockatiel owners should feed the animal every day with a high-quality birdseed mix that includes fresh fruits and vegetables (according to the species’ age). This will cost anywhere from $150-$200 per month, so it’s important to factor this into your budget when making any decisions about whether you want this pet!

When dealing with cockatoos in captivity, there are many things people have done which they did not do in nature such as clipping wings and beaks; something that has been debated by some aviculturists because of worry over self-mutilation caused by lack of things to do.

Cockatoos need plenty of toys with different textures in order for them to remain mentally stimulated – try paper towel rolls or toilet paper tubes that can be stuffed with hay or shredded newspaper! You should also have a variety of cage sizes available so your pet has the opportunity to fly around in safety if it wants out. For those who want advice on how many cocktails one could keep together successfully at home without major consequences such as feather plucking and depression, we recommend no more than two.

Where to Buy One (and what to look out for) 

There are many places to buy cockatiels, but if you want a guarantee that your bird is healthy then we recommend purchasing from a breeder or pet shop where they have high standards for animal care. Some things to look out for when buying at these types of stores include the amount of sleep an animal gets, how much it eats and whether it moves around in its cage! 

If the store lets you hold the animals before purchase this can also be helpful information because some people prefer not handling their pets and would rather let them come to them on their own terms best if both parties agree beforehand! When considering what kind of food mix to use, experts advise against going “off-brand” with cheaper options like seed mixes without adequate.

If you’re unable to afford this pet, there are plenty of organizations that provide shelter and adoption for animals in need! Here is one such organization: Cockatiel Rescue Network (CRN). CRN’s goal is rescuing cockatiels from abusive owners or situations so they can live out their lives with caring people who will take care of them properly. They also educate the public about proper bird care before sending an animal home – making sure everyone knows what they should expect when welcoming a new feathered friend into their life.”

With more than 24 species that are recognized as cockatiels, these birds can be found in many different colors and patterns depending on the genus they belong to. The most popular three breeds – peach-faced, masked, and yellow cheeked – include “normal” coloration or white feathers with a touch of orange around their face.”


Cockatiels are wonderful pets because they have a variety of colors, live for 20 to 30 years, and don’t need much attention. They’re also very affordable! We can help with all aspects of caring for these beautiful birds from finding the right one for you. Your family provides expert advice on their care as well as placement options if needed. Thank you so much for reading our blog post today! We hope it has been informative and helpful in understanding what makes cockatiels such an amazing pet choice. 

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