Do Quaker Parrots Talk

When do Quaker Parrots talk?

Quaker parrots have highly unique personalities.

Some can do it as soon as six weeks, while others may never do so. There is no age recommendation for when Quaker parrots should start talking; the only prediction is that personality will dictate how long it takes.

If I had to put an average age to it, I would say around 6 months.

It’s important to keep in mind Quakers will imitate words that you use. If you want your quaker to start being more chatty, it’s important to teach it to do just that by giving it words that you wish for him or her to imitate.

Using a command word is also a good way to do so.

A command word is a specific word that the Quaker will listen to and do what you ask of him or her when he hears it.

As an example, if I wanted my Quaker to sit on my shoulder, I would say “Quackie” while patting my right shoulder. If done correctly, your pet will hop up onto your shoulder as soon as they hear the command word ‍”Quackie”.

The same methodology can be applied in order to encourage speech.

Keep in mind a command word should be not a common word like “talk” as it’s likely to be used in your daily speech.

Instead, use words like “Birdy speak.” This will make training your command words easier on you and the bird and cause less confusion.

There should be only 1 person training the quaker on command words at first, this will help the bird learn faster.

It’s important to teach these words early for the parrot to have some sort of understanding about how his new language should work with commands. By teaching them this lesson early in life, we are able to see greater success rates in their abilities later on down the road.

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