Do Cockatiels Know Their Names?

Do Cockatiels Know Their Names?

Cockatiels are very intelligent birds. They can learn to speak (Imitate really) and they have a “voice” that is more melodic than most other bird species. It’s not uncommon for cockatiels to know their names, but it depends on the individual bird’s personality. Some people believe that cockatiels don’t like being called by their name, Others think that if you do call your cockatiel by its name, it will get used to the sound and be less likely to react aggressively when someone else calls out its name in front of them.

Whichever theory you subscribe to, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Cockatiels, as any bird owner can and will attest to, have very prominent personalities. Even from an outside perspective, this becomes evident rapidly. Each bird’s personality is as unique as the grains of salt in the ocean, Glorifying their creator with endless combinations and varieties of personality and temperament.

Some are silly, Some are serious, Some are just boneheaded. But whatever the particular personality traits your cockatiel may have, they will all impact whether a cockatiel will respond to the name you gave it.

The range of how cockatiels respond to their names is varied and wide. Some will react aggressively when someone else calls out its name in front of them. Most simply go about their business as if nothing happened but some may even come running to you, which is of course the ideal outcome!

Even the simple sound of your own voice can change how your cockatiel reacts to its name being called. If you have a deep voice for example, depending on the personality of the cockatiel, she may hate it. Or she might love it!

So, Do cockatiels know their names? Yes! For all intents and purposes, they have the mental capacity to respond, But that doesn’t mean they always will!

Cockatiels show great love and affection for their owners, Much like any intelligent animal would. When you walk into a room they get excited and will greet you with their signature call. This is a sign of how much they love and adore you.

This indicated they also remember faces, and voices. So it stands to reason they would definitely know to respond to their own names (when they feel like it!). Truth is, Your cockatiel probably has a name for you too, And you’ve most likely heard it many times and not realized it.

If you listen very carefully, you may just hear her call out your bird’s name. Treasure that moment forever.

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