Do Budgie Tail Feathers Grow Back?

Do Budgie Tail Feathers Grow Back?

So your budgies tail feathers got pulled out. Either by an accident, another bird, or self-stress plucking. These things can and do happen. So the important question you need to ask is do budgie tail feathers grow back? Well, you’ve found the right article to answer your questions, let’s get to it.

Do budgie tail feathers grow back?

Do budgie tail feathers grow back? Yes, they do! Budgies usually molt semi-annually. Once this happens she will begin to grow her tail feathers back. Some birds are known to molt up to 4 times a year, or even every few months. But the average budgie will molt about twice a year.

So if you’re looking for some peace of mind, They will usually be fully grown in between one to three months depending on the bird and how often they molt. The new feathers will look just like her old ones (save for any changes in color).

More often or not though, budgie molting cycles can be a bit sporadic and unpredictable outside of the seasons. So just be patient.

What Age do Budgies First Molt?

Budgies will begin their first molt at around 4 months old. This is when their juvenile feathers will be replaced with their adult feathers.

budgie molting food?

Many people are convinced that you need to give your budgie a special diet during her time of molting. This is mostly because a lot of foods in the stores are advertised as “Molting diets” and are marketed as being beneficial for a bird’s health and well-being during molting.

The truth is you do not need anything super special in their diet. The only thing you really need to be concerned with is giving her enough of what she’s getting now. Assuming you’re giving her a well-rounded diet of all the nutrients and vitamins she needs already, The best thing you can do is is increase it by 25%. Also, make sure to offer a couple more treats such as fresh veggies and fruits. Check out our food list here.

More importantly than diet, Is the environment itself. Imagine if all your clothes fell off? You might be cold right? It’s true for a molting bird as well! If you find it’s a bit chilly, you should consider upping her heat or giving her something warm to be near as her feathers continue to grow back.

It’s easy to tell if your bird is too cold by the shivering. Just like any warm-blooded animal, Birds will shiver when they get too cold. If you see that, turn up the heat or give her a bird warmer in her cage or a nice thick blanket she can curl up into.

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