Conure Lifespan

Conure Lifespans By Species

If you are considering getting a conure, it is important to know the conure’s lifespan. The conure’s lifespans range from 10-50 years depending on the conure species and its care. This article will review all conure species lifespans so that you can make an informed decision about your new pet! We will also add the average price of each bird species, just to make your life a little bit easier when choosing the right conure for your family.

Conure lifespan


Blue-crowned conure lifespan

The blue-crowned conure lifespan measure between 20 to 30 years on average. If your thinking of getting one of these beautiful birds as a pet, You should know the average blue-crowned conure price is between $1,000 and $2,000 USD. Price varies based on mutation and grade.

Brown-Throated conure lifespan

The Brown-Throated conure lifespan is a shorter-lived species of conure at roughly 10 years from maturity. Fortunately, If proper care is given and with ideal circumstances, The lifespan can be pushed up to 25 years.

The average brown-throated conure price is around $350.00 USD at most avian pet stores that carry them.

Cherry-Headed conure lifespan (Red-masked parakeet)

The lovely cherry-headed conure lifespan is between 25 and 35 years. A long-lived and beautiful bird. The cherry-headed conure price averages around $650-$1000 USD, once again based on a variety of factors such as color mutation and grade.

Dusky-headed conure lifespan

The Dusky-headed conure lifespan averages between 25 and a whopping 50 years old. The most beautiful of light feathered Dusky conure has a price tag of around $800 USD, while a lower grade, duller colored dusky conure price will fall to around $500 USD. Either way, beautiful birds worth every penny.

Jenday conure lifespan

The Jenday conure lifespan averages out to be 25-30 years. It’s a bit of a tight life budget between average and max. Still, a long-lived bird by all accounts. The jenday conure price ranges from $400 USD to $600 USD based on its brightness and grade.

Mitred conure lifespan

Another hearty long-lived bird, the Mitred conure lifespan averages 25-30 years. The Mitred conure (also known as the mitered parakeet) price is between $500 USD and $2000 USD. This bird has a wide gap in prices due to its large variety of mutations, Some better than others.

Nanday conure lifespan

Nanday conure’s tend to live a pretty standard lifespan. The Nanday conure lifespan averages around 20 years. Sometimes it can be pushed a bit higher, but I likely wouldn’t say 25 unless it’s in perfect care.

The average nanday conure price is more reasonable $400 USD and makes a good beginner conure (price-wise).

Orange-fronted conure lifespan

In captivity, the orange-fronted parakeet (conure) lifespan is over 40 years. In the wild, it’s pushed back, like many of the birds on this list, to around 25-30 years. With an average price of about 250 bucks.

Peach-fronted conure lifespan

Another for the average of the averages, The Peach-fronted conure lifespan is a typical 30 years. Most breeders sell these at a price of around $300 USD.

Sun conure lifespan

Sun conures are one of the most popular conure species. No explanation needed, just google some pictures of them. They are absolutely gorgeous, like a sunset.

Lucky for us, we get to enjoy them for a long time as the average sun conure lifespan is 30 years!

I’m going, to be honest here when I say some of these birds are more expensive than they should be, But the sun conure price of around $500 is totally worth it. You get to see the sunset every day with your beautiful parrot, and then you get to see it again when you look over at her amazing colors!


Black-capped conure lifespan

The black-capped conure lifespan is 30 years! Definitely, one of the quieter species of conure, and the price isn’t too hard on the ear either. The average black-capped conure price is $300 USD and can crawl up a bit to $600 USD at times.

Blue-throated conure lifespan

Like a bunch of birds on this list, the blue-throated conure lifespan is shaved considerably in the wild, to a sad 6 years. But in captivity, they can reach over 20!

So save one of these beautiful birds and give them a long life by paying the average Blue-throated conure price of $1000 – $2000 USD!

Crimson-bellied conure lifespan

In optimal parrot conditions, the Crimson-bellied conure lifespan can squeak by 20 years. Much shorter in the wild. Around 6-10 years. The average crimson-bellies conure price is $750 USD and varies by $250 USD in either direction based on mutations and grade.

Green-Cheeked conure lifespan

This list is getting a bit repetitive, But it’s important you folks know the average lifespans of these birds so you can make the best decision! The Green-Cheeked conure lifespan averages 30 years, like many of the other sub-species on this list.

The green cheeked conure price is an acceptable $599 at most petstores. I’m pretty sure Petco actually sells these. You’re much better off going to a breeder though.

Maroon-Bellied conure lifespan

Another long-lived parrot species, the Maroon-Bellied conure lifespan is around 35 years. The price of a Maroon-Bellied conure might the cheapest on this list (or most affordable, glass half full) at approx: 125 bucks.

How can I increase the lifespan of my parrot/conure?

There are several factors that go into keeping a healthy conure. The conure cage size is often an overlooked factor when people are looking for conures to buy.

Keeping a conure’s diet balanced and varied will also be important in the pet bird’s longevity – as well as cleaning their home, providing appropriate toys, etc.

Being in captivity is already a huge leg up when it comes to increasing the life span of these parrots. Especially compared to how awful birds on average tend to do in the wild. The world is tough for a bird you know.

So the bottom line, Is if you’re giving him proper nutrition, a clean home with fresh water, and an appropriate conure cage size you’ve already got half the battle won.

The other half is sociability and boredom. Boredom breeds stress. Stress breeds illness. Take your bird out a lot, spend a lot of time with her, give her lots of love, and spoil her with kindness in the form of toys, showers, and kisses. Talk to her and listen to what she has to say to you.

All these things together make a parrot live a longer, healthier, happier life.

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