Preparing strawberries for conures

Yes, They Can! Preparing Strawberries For Conures

Can conures eat strawberries? Yes! Conures can eat strawberries and in this article, I will break down why they can, how to prepare them, and the benefits of eating a strawberry.

Can conures eat strawberries?

TL;DR for skimmers

Yes, conures can eat straberries. Preparation is easy. Simply wash the strawberry, remove the stem and leaf, And cut it up into bite-size bird pieces. These depend on the size of your bird. Strawberries can be given to a conure whole. Expect a mess. Small strawberry seeds pose no danger. Dehydrated and freeze-dried strawberries are also safe for conures.

Strawberries are chalked full of antioxidants, calcium, vitamins, fiber, and carbs. They make a great part of a bird’s rounded and balanced diet.

Some things to consider before giving your conure strawberries

Consider in advance if you want to feed them a whole strawberry. Allowing the conure to tear the berry apart with her own beak will be quite fun for her, but messy for you, and you should prepare in advance for that.

To help combat the mess, You can line the feeding area behind the strawberry, and under where the strawberry is sitting or hanging with a paper towel. Perhaps it is an effort of futility, but it’s better than nothing as strawberries will stain wood and other porous none wipeable surfaces. This includes finished wood and the bird’s own feathers.

An alternative is to cut it up after you’ve washed and removed the stem/leaf. Your bird may prefer it this way, as may you. This might be an easier way for smaller conures to enjoy it as well if they are having difficulty tearing the berry apart.

A further alternative is to use freeze-dried or dehydrated strawberries. These make quick and easy snacks for your conure with very little preparation required from you.

Simply remove them from the bag or container they come in, crush them up a bit with your fingers (if the bird can’t do this for him- or herself), and place it in the feeding dish of choice.

No need to add water to the berries, but be sure your conure has access to all the freshwater she can drink, especially when eating such things as freeze-dried or dehydrated berries.

Bellow, you can find a chart of several popular strawberry species and their nutritional counts. Given the nature of identifying nutritional data in specific subspecies, some may be slightly inaccurate. If you find an inaccurate count, please let me know so I can update the chart!

[ninja_tables id=”200″]

And here’s a list of other common berries and fruits that are safe for your conure to eat. Keep in mind they all need to be prepared differently.

[ninja_tables id=”189″]

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