Budgie Breeding Signs

Budgie Breeding Signs You Should Know

If you notice your budgie hen has started to get a little more active than usual, paying close attention to her nest box and spending time in there, chances are she is getting ready for breeding. In this article, we will discuss the signs that indicate your budgie hen might be getting ready for breeding.

Budgie Breeding Signs

Budgie egg-laying signs

The first sign of course is nesting behavior- specifically when they start nest building. As she begins to prepare her nest, she will spend more time in the box and will start to adjust the various substrates to fit her needs and liking.

If there is no nesting box provided, she will do the same thing except in a random spot of the cage, food dish, on the floor, etc. This is normal behavior, and if you don’t have a box you should consider getting one.

This is the most obvious sign she’s getting ready to start laying some eggs! There are some other signs as well, which we will go into.

One of the ones some people might not notice unless they’re looking for it is the budgies poop. When she starts using the bathroom less often than normal, and her poops are getting larger in size, that’s a sign she’s getting ready to lay eggs.

She’s also going to start displaying far more aggressive territorialism.

She will be more territorial and try to push other budgies off her food dish, perches, or just about anywhere she wants. This is normal behavior and the worse it gets the closer she is to lay her eggs.

Finally, As the time comes very close, she will start pacing around her cage in anticipation. She will start cleaning herself in an almost OCD manner. These are also typical signs of stress, so if you know your budgie isn’t about to lay eggs, but she is displaying this behavior, it could be an indicator something is wrong and it should be rectified.

When is Budgie Breeding Season?

In captivity, budgies do not have set breeding seasons. They can and will breed all year round if you enable them to do so. In the wild, generally, their instincts for breeding will kick in during the natural rainy seasons, spring and summer. This is the best time for birds in the wild to lay eggs because of the explosion of resources the rain and summer bring.

The resources make it easy for both the hen and her mate to eat, which is necessary for their survival, and the demanding development of bird’s eggs which take a tremendous amount of resources from the hen in a very short period of time.

Unlike humans who can part it out for 9 months, a budgies eggs will develop in very short order, which causes a large spike of calcium and other nutrients to be drained from your hen. Keep that in mind as your breeding them, and make sure they get all the extra resources they need.

Budgie Breeding Age

Biologically speaking, a budgies body is ready to accept a mate and all accompanying egg-laying functionality by 6 months old. However, As nature’s cruel joke, If a budgie starts breeding this early in her life, She will become susceptible to a ton of issues, such as egg binding, infections, etc.

That is why it is always recommended she be allowed to mature to at least a minimum, 10 months old before breeding. This will allow your bird to do so safely and with a better chance of breeding success.

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