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Our Top Recommendation For The Best Pet Bird for Kids

This is not just another list article. We’ve gone through the effort to narrow down the BEST pet birds for kids.

The bird we chose is the cockatiel. Cockatiels aren’t as energetic as other birds. They have fairly low maintenance, they enjoy being handled and kids will love to handle them. They have a good temperament, are cute, can talk, and make fun noises.

Overall, they are a great pet bird for kids.

Not convinced? Why don’t you read the rest of this article and find out why we chose the cockatiel as the best pet bird for young children, older children, and as a general well-rounded family pet.

Kids like to handle birds and cockatiels like to be handled

Cockatiels love to spend a lot of time being handled and interacted with. This is great for kids’ bonding with their pets. In fact, they crave the attention and playtime that a child can provide them all the time. They just love to interact.

Finches and canaries are much smaller and more delicate, They prefer not to be handled as much as a cockatiel would, and when you do you need to be gentle.

Kids aren’t usually gentle.

Cockatiels are far less likely to jump away from your child and fly around the house, Unlike finches and canaries.

They will calmy bounce around on your child’s shoulder, arm, hand, or where ever else they are set down.

Cockatiels are relatively long-lived birds

It’s hard to lose a pet, especially on children. You want something that can provide a long-term bond and friendship.

That’s where the cockatiel steps in, with a half-decent life expectancy of 15 years, going onto 30 in some cases, these birds are unlikely to just up and die of old age anytime soon.

Cockatiels are super easy to care for even for a child

Cleaning a cockatiel cage is super easy, she will just sit on your shoulder or on top of the cage calmy while you clean out the bottom tray of the cage where the poop goes.

Feeding can be a fun time as a cockatiel will visually acknowledge your child as she is giving the bird fresh food and water. You may even get a few thank yous out of the deal.

Cockatiels are relatively cheap to buy and care for

Unlike parrots who can easily cost $1000 or more, a cockatiel will cost you between $20-80 depending on if they are handfed or not.

A cockatiel will live happily in most homes

If the home is too loud or active then maybe consider getting another kind of pet bird, but other than that you should have no problems keeping one as a pet. If there’s something wrong going on in the house the bird may get stressed out, But if things are good she’ll be calm and happy just sitting there waiting for someone to come play with her.

The noise levels aren’t too bad

Unlike a lot of other parakeet species or parrot species, cockatiels are fairly quiet birds. They talk, they whistle and they sing, but overall if they are being interacted with on a regular basis they are an ideal pet bird for homes with kids and other pets.

Cockatiels make good children’s pets for older children too

The older kids will get a kick out of walking around the house with a cockatiel on their shoulder.

Teaching the cockatiel manners at the same time the child is learning them is a great bonding experience for everyone involved, and it’s a good solid activity older kids will enjoy doing.

The easy to care for nature of the cockatiel coupled with the hands-on nature of interacting with them makes them a very fun bird to have as a family pet.

Cockatiels don’t bite much, if at all (unless they are protecting their eggs)

Even when being handled by children cockatiels rarely bite. They can and may nibble here and there, but it is rare that you’ll get bit by one. Generally speaking, if they do bite it’s because they’re being mistreated or they feel threatened in some way.

This is a really good learning opportunity for your child to learn gentleness and patience.

All in all, Cockatiels make a great pet bird for kids, maybe even the best pet bird for a young child. It has a long life expectancy that will ensure your young and older children will have a dependable best friend for decades.

With a simple diet, decent space requirements, a low price, and easy cage cleaning, these make great family pets and we recommend them.

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