Are Lovebirds Loud

Lovebirds are quite loud. Some lovebird species are louder than others, and the peach-face lovebird may be considered the loudest because of its shrill high pitched shrieks. Other lovebird species also shriek, and some only sing. But they are all quite loud… Nothing compared to other parrot species, though.

Are lovebirds loud?

One thing is for certain, No matter what species of lovebird you’ve decided to settle on, it’s not going to be quiet.

And while they aren’t the loudest birds on the planet, They can certainly get up there for loudness.

To help give some perspective, we can compare them to budgies. Lovebirds are actually louder than budgies. So if you’ve ever had a budgie or have heard a budgie, you kind of get the picture of what kind of volume I’m talking about.

Now, Just because they are loud doesn’t mean they will be loud.

Just like any bird, animal, or human, lovebirds have their own unique personality. Some are very quiet and timid, while others are blaring car horn levels of loud. Shrieks tend to be on the rarer side of the noise spectrum, and you’re far more likely to hear quiet chit-chatter and the occasional singing.

You can teach your bird to use specific whistles and phrases which should cut down on her more natural loud speech patterns, Although they will still exist.

Are lovebirds Loud compared to other parrot species?

As far as parrots go, and as loud as lovebirds are, They may be considered one of the more quiet species. Parrots can become quiet-loud you see, and you can see it even more clearly when listening to amazons, macaws, cockatoos, and arathinga conures just as a few examples.

All these parrots are easily considered the louder of the species compared to the lovebird.

Bottom line is, even if they are considered loud most times, If you’re a bird lover, you are not going to be more annoyed by your bird than if they were any other type of parrot.

There’s a good chance you won’t even notice, or if you do, it will be a sweet melody in your ear rather than a thing to be hated.

Now all you really need to worry about is your cranky neighbor!

If your still not sure, here’s a video demonstrating how loud they can be.

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