About Us

My name is cmoarz (seymour) and I have been a bird caretaker for more than 10 years. My other hobbies include cooking, food preservation, and survival, aquarium keeping, feeder insect breeding.

The goal of TBP(thebirdpeople.com) is to help other hobbyists like myself deal with the most common and uncommon problems we face every day. If one of your birds has died, we want to help you find out why and how to prevent it from happening again as just a simple example of some of the things we want to help you with. Hopefully to prevent the issue from happening in the first place!

If you’ve got questions or problems, we want to help you get the answer your looking for and the right equipment and knowledge to make your birds happy and healthy.

That’s always been the goal of TPB, To help the people who visit, read, and comment and to make your life easier and your hobby more fun than ever.

So if you’ve got problems, we’ve got solutions.

We also have other hobbyists and experts alike who like to bring us content and topics so that we can deliver them to you, the reader, as promptly and information-dense as possible.

So you can always keep up with the latest bird keeper trends, news and happenings around the world.